Rosenmöller leads corruption investigation in Curacao

POSTED: 08/24/11 6:05 PM

THE HAGUE – Former GreenLeft leader Paul Rosenmöller will lead the investigation into corruption allegations in Curacao. Rosenmöller, who was a union leader before he became a politician, will do the investigation together with Cees Maas, a former member of the management team at the ING-bank. Home affairs Minister Piet Hein Donner announced the decision yesterday.
Rosenmöller will chair the investigating committee. He was chosen because he is a former member of the committee that prepared the constitutional reform of the Netherlands Antilles. Maas is also familiar with Curacao and he also brings “broad knowledge of the financial system” to the party.
The Council of Ministers decided to initiate the investigation in June, because of the fight between the cabinet in Curacao and the Central Bank. Central Bank president Emsley Tromp and the Schotte-cabinet accuse each other of corruption.
As a unionist, Rosenmöller led industrial actions in the port of Rotterdam in the eighties of last century from 1976 to 1982 he was a member of the Maoist movement Marxists-Leninists/Red Morning.

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Rosenmöller leads corruption investigation in Curacao by