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POSTED: 06/17/13 11:43 AM

elegance mother of the yearSt. Maarten- Achieving motherhood does not mean the end of the road when it comes to pageantry and that was demonstrated when Rosalie Hodge, a mother of two swept away most of the prizes and was crowned as the undisputable mother of the year.

Hodge, contestant number six, provided the wow factor in most of her appearances and went on to capture the highest votes on Facebook, Miss Congeniality, Miss Popularity, best career wear, best creative wear, best bed wear, best question and answer segment and finished with 3,950 points.

“I feel super excited, it was a good fight,” said Hodge, an assistant bus driver who has a four year old son and a one year old daughter. According to Hodge, she was encouraged to get involved in the pageant by her mother and her advice paid off in the end.

Occupying the first runner up spot with 100 points less that Hodge was Michele Glasgow who also won the prize for best speech. The second runner up spot with 3,610 points went to contestant number three Vianka Romney who also won the best evening wear segment. Her charisma and warm smile also enabled her to see the most tickets for the epic event.

The third runner up spot went to contestant number five, Anatastatia Peters with 3,581 points. Peters also won the Miss Photogenic title which was chosen by the photographers and best talent piece. In the cocktail segment which was pre judged from the previous week, Gerthy Didier swept the judges off their feet to clinch that title after displaying a black and silver eye popping dress which exposed one of her legs above her knees.

In addition to the sashes trophies and other attractive prizes which were donated by sponsors, each participant also received a certificate of participation and a bouquet of flowers. Now, Hodge may very well be called the queen behind the wheels, a title which might enable her to get more jobs on a more regular basis.


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