Rollocks fumes at lackluster response

POSTED: 03/13/13 12:17 PM

St. Maarten – Businessman Julian Rollocks is outraged about the lackluster response from Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams and parliamentarians to the Patrick Illidge bribery scandal.

“St. Maarten is presently dealing with a scandal of historic proportions. Our prime minister issued a bland non-committal statement in Monday’s papers, which must make us understand, not accept, why we are in the mess we are in. Social, economical and otherwise, she must, for the world, strongly condemn this whole scandalous affair. She must demand an explanation from Patrick Illidge who supports her government. And she must express the urgency to the justice department. None has been done,” he fumed in a written statement.
“Our Parliament, our highest legislative body is as quiet as can be,” he added. “This esteemed body should have already called a public emergency session, demanding answers and or a resignation from MP Patrick Illidge. Nothing has been forthcoming from these 15 MP’s whose salary is rightfully in question due to their non and underperformance.”

Since we have gotten country St. Maarten and we no longer can blame Curacao, according to a recent survey we are very dissatisfied with the performance of our MP’s, Rollocks pointed out.

“What does the opposition have to say about this? We have heard absolutely nothing. As a matter of it is dysfunctional. The entire government has no opinion and most, as usual, are hoping for this to blow over. Mr. Samuel, Chairman of Parliament, what is he saying?
Crème de la crème, we now need to await the arrival of UP- leader Theo Heyliger to hear his version and possible involvement. In the meantime, the only official info we can get is coming from the Today, the Herald and the justice department,” Rollocks stated.
Mooi weer politici, or in English, our politicians can only function during good times, and appearances at calypso shows. Jouvert jump up, nice queen shows, BBQ’s, zumba sessions, funerals, and ceremonies where we can cut a ribbon and say plenty of words that mean nothing,”       

Rollocks continued. “I surely do hope that USA, Curacao, or Holland would jump in, and give some leadership to country St. Maarten. Personally, I hate the idea, but our leaders up to now have left us leaderless. In the meantime, let us all keep following this ordeal, as it is far from over. Leaders or no leaders.”

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Comments (2)


  1. let’s all stop with the ‘honorable’ predicate: It’s old English, contentious, and patently NOT applicable to those who presume to serve us.
    -Madam PM: You survived a lot to hold positions you are patently incapable of grasping the value of. Go home (ditto: much of your questionable cabinet)
    & please cease your inane prattle, -solely self-serving nonsense to hide what you knew quite a while back in order to save your tarnished political hide.

  2. concerned says:

    it is indeed very concerning what is going on with our government. it has been known throughout time that our politicians earn money on the side. it has gone out of control! the island is struggling and the lack of interest from our politicians to ensure a proper functioning of our beautiful island is dishartning. one can only hope that the people of st maarten will open their eyes and make a stand come next election. do not fall for their bribery…do not accept gifts in exchange for your vote. better vote for those that you have faith in. as to what will happen until then, time will tell. it is important that proper steps are taken and procedures followed, leave no stone unturned. do not brush this under the carpet. the people of st maarten need to be reassured that justice will prevail and no longer will this behavior be tolerated. we are struggling to pay our bills, working hard to keep our children safe and educated. how is possible that these politicians earn such salaries, plus benefits, expense accounts etc and also hold interest and positions in other entities? not to long ago there was an issue with a conflict of interest, where a politician was sitting at both ends of the table….remember the pelican workers?
    maybe it is just me, but i for one would like some more information on how all this works and is made possible.
    the truth will always come out one way or they other.
    people we need to look at what is wrong with our country and our government. this is not an issue of color, racism, but an issue of integrity and honor.