Rock the House brings junior DJ competition

POSTED: 10/1/12 12:32 PM

St. Maarten – Laugh out Loud productions added a category for junior DJs to its 7th annual Rock the House event after 13-year-old Melanie Steel approached organizers with her interests of performing and competing against big DJs at the event. Instead, organizers decided to look for other youngsters who might be interested in the DJ craft at such an early age.

They were quick to find 12- year-old Jaylen Constance and decided to make a junior category for the competition judged by the crowd.

Rock the House is the only talent show that gives the power of judgment to the public by ways of screams. The show has 4 categories, Best Dance group, best amateur DJ, best junior DJ and best rap group. The show will be hosted by comedian Andrew Dick and Brat Richards. There will be several guest performances by local top dancers; music will be provided by DJ’s Bean and Madness.

The dance groups are Extreme Dancers, Team Hip Hop, Krump Soldiers, Crump clowns
PYT Dancers, Ghaza Chicks, TnT Jokers, Eccentric. In the rapping category, Young Diplomats, Madness, Bryan, OJ, Master mind, Killa and Killa K and the 484 Boys. The amateur contestants are DJ’s Blackie, Prince, Damage, and Chrome; DJ’s Barbie Girl and Swag Boy round up the junior competition.


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