Robbie Dos Santos denies tax evasion

POSTED: 08/23/11 12:09 PM

WILLEMSTAD–Robbie dos Santos refuted allegations he misinformed authorities on his tax return. He usually never personally reacts in these cases, but he could not resist clearing some statements about his affairs. “First of all, I earn 20 thousand dollars in St. Maarten and 20 thousand guilders in Curacao, this is already 55 thousand monthly,” he told Ultimo Noticia. “That shows that the alleged joint-income $67.500 I supposedly declared on an annual basis, is practically impossible. Furthermore, I never organized “instant scratch lotteries”. They never contacted me.”

Dos Santos, owner of Robbie’s Lottery, said he invested money in Miami in 1990. “I was a millionaire since my teenage years, since I was seventeen,” he said.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office said yesterday in a statement that it has taken notice of an article published in the Wall Street Journal, but it declined to react to its contents in the interest of the investigation.
Authorities in Curacao have been investigating allegations that dos Santos has collected about $54 million in illegal profits since 2004 through the sale of forged lottery tickets, using his legitimate businesses as a front.

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