Robbery trial postponed to investigate police report

POSTED: 06/30/11 12:47 PM

Did police lie to court and prosecutor’s office about confrontation?

St. Maarten – The trial of  Gleivon Daniel C., 21, and Hector Bienvenido C., 22 took an unexpected turn yesterday afternoon when the defense raised doubts about the question whether a confrontation between the defendants and the plaintiff took place at the police station. Gleivon C.’s attorney mr. G. Hatzmann asked the court to declare the prosecution inadmissible because such a confrontation had not taken place. Then mr. A.A. Kraaijeveld, the attorney for Hector C. raised the bar by claiming that, according to his client, such a confrontation had taken place, that his client had not been recognized and that the confrontation had not been entered into the police report.

“If this is true then the police has lied to the court, to the prosecutor’s office and to the defense attorneys,” prosecutor mr. M. Overmeer said. “I am asking the court to postpone this case to investigate whether this confrontation has indeed taken place.”

Judge mr. M. Keppels agreed that the matter needs to be investigated. The case was postponed indefinitely until a later date.

Of the two defendants Gleivon C. was not in court because he has left the island and is now in Dominica. Hector C. (no relation of the other defendant) lost his job at a restaurant in Simpson Bay after his arrest in March and he works now during the season at a restaurant in Anguilla.

The two men are suspects in a street robbery that took place on March 18 near Le Petit Chateau on Pond Island. They allegedly robbed J.A. Sauceda Ortiz, a crew member on a cruise ship, of $1,200 and a gold chain.

Gleivon C. has a prior conviction for attempted manslaughter from 2008, for which he was convicted to 24 months imprisonment, the other defendant does not have a criminal record.


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