Robbery-suspect remains behind bars

POSTED: 07/19/12 11:59 AM

St. Maarten – Gleivon Daniel C. will have to remain behind bars until at least September 19 to face charges for two robberies. He is charged with committing an armed robbery on March 18 of last year whereby he allegedly threatened his victim with a gun to force him to hand over a gold chain. On April 4 of this year the 22-year old suspect allegedly snatched another gold chain from an unsuspecting victim. The prosecution also charges the defendant with firearm possession.
Prosecutor Mr. Doenia Bennamar asked the court to postpone the case because the case file had only become available on Monday afternoon. Two different attorneys were at hand for the defense: Mr. Safira Ibrahim and Mr. Luciano Dundas.
Mr. Ibrahim asked the court to suspend her client’s pretrial detention because he has to take care of his seriously ill mother; he is also supporting his girlfriend and their 1-year old son, the attorney said.
“My client is prepared to surrender his passport and to abide by all conditions.”
Prosecutor Bennamar objected, saying that the defendant had told the police that he had no job and no money.
“How can he then be the provider for his mother and for his girlfriend?”
Mr. Ibrahim said that her client indeed did not have a steady job but that he brought in money by doing odd jobs.
Judge Mr. Maria Paulides retreated from the court room to consider all aspects of the request, but when she returned she rejected it.

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