Roads to close during Parliament’s opening

POSTED: 09/9/11 1:56 PM

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – Parts of Front Street and Back Street will be closed off on Tuesday to ensure the smooth running of the activities around the opening of the 2011/2012 Parliamentary year. The parking lot at Clem Labega Square will also be closed to the public until 2:00 p.m.
The closures were announced by President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell on Thursday as part of wider revelations about Tuesday’s ceremony. The closure on Back Street will run from the Kadaster to the Market Place, while the closure on Front Street will run from the Oranje School to the office of the Dutch Representative in Philipsburg. Police Officers will be stationed at various points to direct traffic during the proceedings.
“We have done things this way to ensure orderly proceedings and to ensure that there is no cris-crossing while the ceremony is going on,” Arrindell said.

The day will begin with the simultaneous assembly of Members of Parliament at the House of Parliament and Governor drs Eugene Holiday’s inspection of an honor guard. This will be followed by the official entries, opening of the meeting and the reception of the governor by a three Members of Parliament who Arrindell has already requested to serve as the reception and departure committee.
Once the governor has entered he will be welcomed and requested to deliver his State of the Nation Address, which contains the government’s main policy plans for the coming parliamentary year. Once that is finished, Arrindell will thank the governor, and then he will be escorted from the building with the prime minister to await the military parade that will take place in the Wilhelmina Straat.

Tuesday’s opening of the new parliamentary year will be aired live on St. Maarten Cable, streamed on parliament’s website and will be aired live on all radio stations. The guest list includes the Chairman or Vice Chair of each of the High Councils of State and their Secretary General, the Secretaries General of the seven ministries, members of the judiciary in full garb and the leaders of community based organizations and foundations. All of the invited guests have also been invited to a reception at Sheer Restaurant following the address and military parade.

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