Road works continue throughout off season

POSTED: 05/11/15 5:36 PM

St. Maarten —A number of road repair and upgrading projects are currently being carried out by the infrastructure department of the Vromi Ministry including the patching of roads and the hard surfacing of some 16 roads, department head Claudio Buncamper said in an invited comment yesterday.

Buncamper disclosed that a request went in from his department for hard surfacing to 20 roads, but budgetary constraints only made it possible for sixteen of these to be undertaken. He explained that this time of year was selected because it is the tourist off season and also because of the proximity to the start of the hurricane season. The hurricane season officially begins on June 1st.

According to Buncamper all scheduled road works are progressing smoothly with the exception of two roads with which the department has run into slight problems because the boundaries of the said roads are not in accordance with the Kadasterial deeds. He explained that government is very careful about infringing on private property and as such it is necessary to have the Kadasterial boundaries properly defined to avoid problems later down the road. This issue will be addressed with the Kadaster department to have clear boundaries established.

Because of the road works currently being carried out and the ones anticipated to begin later all over the Dutch side of the island, motorists may experience some temporary convenience but these are unavoidable as the road works are crucial and the department wants to ensure that all of these are completed during the off season. The current road works being carried out also include providing motoable roads to some lots on which construction is expected because it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that these roads are accessible.

The department of Vromi apologizes for any inconvenience the road works may pose and ask the public for their cooperation in the matter.

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