Road open even though no repairs were done

POSTED: 02/5/15 8:09 PM

St. Maarten -Although no repairs were done to the road in St. Peters, representatives of the Vromi department have opened the road. “This road is a traffic hazard and not safe for motorists,” said Koto Wilson, who has been a fire man for over 14 years and an advocate for the people of St. Peters . “This a clear indication that the government representatives at the Public Works Department does not have any regard for the safety of the general public or the people of the St. Peters district.”

He pointed out that in the street there are some very deep holes and  yet the representatives of Vromi  have replaced the covers on the holes that were open with old covers which will break when the cars or heavy vehicles roll over them. Koto Wilson said he and other residents are contemplating their next options.  “Should we go to the Ombudsman or take the matter directly to court?” he questioned.

“We are taxpayers just like the other people in the other communities and we are not getting what we are paying for and as a result it seems as though government does not want to make things right for this neighborhood.  It is more than forty years that there have been requests to have the sewerage problem  fixed in the neighborhood.”

He noted that there are documents and newspaper clippings from 1983 where there are requests to have this problem fixed. He also said that there are several residents in the district that have been fighting government to put things in place for this neighborhood. “There are a lot of violations taking place in the neighborhood that are against the island regulations, because the area falls under domain land which is questionable,” he said.

Wilson indicated that the people in St. Peters have been waiting for years for the Police Sub-station that the government had promised them. “We do not only want a Police Sub Station for the area but a station that has a fire truck and ambulance and a police car since the population has grown tremendously.” There are now 31,000 cars on the Dutch side of the island which means that the response time of an ambulance or a police patrol to help any family that needs urgent attention becomes much greater because of the traffic.

With a sub-station in the area, it cuts the response in less than half and it would also serve St. Peters, Saunders, Betty Estate, Ebenezer Estate, St. Johns and South Reward districts. Given the number of schools in the district Koto Wilson believes it may even be advisable to have two fire trucks placed in the neighborhood.

He added that government is claiming not to have property to build this facility but he noted that there are empty lots that have existed for more than forty years. No one ever occupied the land and these are the properties that government could reclaim.

Wilson also questions what will become of the buildings that once housed the Prince William Alexander School in the St. Peters district. “This could be made into a shelter for persons who lose their homes during the hurricanes or when people lose their homes through fire or any other natural disaster. They should be able to stay there until they acquire a proper place to stay.”

Wilson opined that the government is not doing anything for the poor people since it seems as though they are only concerned with the rich. He describes the recent budget that was recently passed in the Parliament as “a bogus budget” and as far as he is concerned, there is nothing in the budget to make St. Maarten better. “We have had enough,” he said, insisting he wants the government to invest in the people of this island, deal with the people and for the neighborhoods to be brought to a level where the people will take pride in it.

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