Richardson unhappy with government and businesses

POSTED: 02/7/12 3:53 PM

We are tired of getting shifted left and right every year

GALISBAY- President of the Festivité Carnavalesque De Saint Martin (FCDSM) Phillipe Richardson has repeated calls for there to be more support by the Collectivité and the business sector for Carnival 2012 to be made a success. Richardson who was at the time speaking at the Ms. Pitchounette pageant held on Sunday did not mince words in expressing his displeasure with the way politicians in particular are treating the development of culture.

“The only headache we have right now is businesses and leaders who are not stepping up to the plate. If you don’t like culture, you can’t run this country.”

Since the Carnival season began in early January, its organizers have been clamoring for more support to maintain the cultural tradition. The issue of finances in particular to run several activities remains a sore point.

“Our goal is to pay all of our bills and walk the road with our head held high but it is difficult at this time,” Richardson said.

The theme for this year’s Carnival is “Let’s do it Together.”  The Carnival committee says that the theme was specifically chosen to have everyone occupying the twenty one square miles island involved because there is a general perception that the entire event is only the responsibility of the Carnival committee.

The Carnival village which is currently under construction is expected to be finished in time for next Sunday’s opening. It is being erected on the grounds of the skate park in Galisbay. The spot which is owned by the Collectivité may become the festival’s permanent location, if Richardson gets his way.

“We are tired of getting shifted left and right every year,” the committee president said.

Just last month, the St.Maarten Carnival Development Foundation announced that it would lend support to its counterparts on the French side and deepen collaboration for the success of the annual event.

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