Richardson prioritizes Collectivité de St. Martin’s financial issues

POSTED: 04/11/12 2:14 PM

President of the Collectivité Alain Richardson and members of his cabinet listen to a question during Richardson’s first press conference since taking office on April 1. 

MARIGOT, St. Martin – The newly installed President of the Collectivité de St. Martin, Alain Richardson announced Tuesday he’s met a government 30 million euro in debt. He made the pronouncement at his first press conference since taking office on April 1.

“We need to find serious and durable solutions to the financial difficulties of the Collectivité,” Richardson said in a 30 minute press conference that was done in English and French.
The new leader has also stressed transparency in the decision making process and said, “Whatever fundamental decisions can be taken will take a certain time to generate the solutions.”
Richardson intends to conduct audits so that he can get “a hold on the profound situation with regard to the financial situation by the end of 2012.”
Richardson also announced Tuesday that he’ll have his first working meeting of the Territorial Council on April 26 and that he’s met with the Prefet Delegue as part of a tour to spread his administration’s vision for the next five years.

Alex Richards
Richardson also touched on the firing of his Chief of Staff Alex Richards in the midst of a plagiarism scandal. He also pointed out that he had indeed agreed to have an external consultant write the speech using “special expertise.”
“I do not or did not have that expertise. It was not the purpose of having a speech. It had to be profound and had to meet the platform program that I had. No one in their rightful mind could say that the content of the speech was not the one for the Collectivité,” Richardson said.
All things considered though the new president is standing by his decision to fire Richards and said he’s impressed with the media coverage of the affair,
“The decision that I have taken carries. I have never seen some people of the press so diligent with their work. I intend to work in all transparency. No one will deter me or my team from working diligently in delivering what the people had voted for,” Richardson said.

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