Richardson initiates study into gasoline taxes

POSTED: 10/4/12 12:41 PM

MARIGOT – The €18 million that the Collectivité received recently from France is a cash advance on the projected taxes for six years without any interest added to the principal amount, President Alain Richardson said. These funds are part of an arrangement to stem the cash flow problems the Collectivité is facing since the new government took office last year.
Richardson’s government was confronted with some serious financial problems and approached several financial institutions for cash advances. These requests were turned down because of the Collectivité’s financial position. There was no other alternative but to seek financing from the state and that has been given during a recent visit to the Minister of Overseas Department Victorin Laurel.
The Collectivité has initiated several studies to seek ways to receive taxes on petroleum products such as gasoline. The first one is to find out how the gasoline prices come about compared to the prices at the pump and the other one is the collection of the taxes by the different services.
“It is obvious that it is not bearable or acceptable since the Collectivité has been paying for a service which was agreed on in 2008 and the service that they have received is not effective. At the end there must be some results since we are paying for it,” said Richardson. Services to the Collectivité leave much to be desired in terms of tax collection.

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