Richardson endorses Arnell in key address

POSTED: 06/15/12 12:28 PM

MARIGOT – President of the Collectivité Alain Richardson has called on the 70 percent of the voters who did not vote in the first round of the Legislative Elections last Saturday to go to the polls and cast their votes this weekend. In his State of the Nation address which was carried live on some of the local networks he reminded the people that these legislative elections are “not about Daniel Gibbs or Guillaume Arnell but St. Martin not making the mistake in electing a Deputy who will sit in the opposition benches in the National Assembly as Senator Louis Constant Fleming.”

“These elections are about getting an extra support and a voice in Paris and giving the President of the French Republic François Hollande and the Minister of Overseas Territories Victorin Lurel an irrefutable and undisputable sign that they need to count St. Martin in and that our choice in May to elect the new president of France was not a mistake,” he added.

Richardson also openly endorsed Arnell and deemed him the only candidate who is part of the local and presidential majority.

It was also stated that there are some in the society that are never satisfied and will remain that way and there are critics who want the team to fail not realizing that any failure is a failure for St. Martin. He noted that even “with a magic stick” much more could not have been achieved in the short time that they are in office.

He wants to ensure that St. Martin and the voting district do not remain the only voting district with the parliamentarian in the opposition benches in Paris and mentioned that there is need to have a deputy that is part of the presidential majority. The move to elect a deputy that is in line with the socialist party in France is to assist and contribute to the measures which are to be implemented by the French President. These new measures are creating new jobs and job opportunities for the youth in the society, implementing policies for the youth and educational policies that guarantee greater success.

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