Richardson calls for unity and togetherness

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Marigot, St. Martin -“It is both a great honor and a pleasant duty for me, to present to this Assembly my declaration of general policy, in accordance with the customs and habits of the 5th Republic at this time when I take office as President of the Overseas Community,” President Alain Richardson.

He noted that beyond symbolism, he measures all the value that this exercise carries and promises to apply himself since it gives him the opportunity to unfold “the roadmap that I intend to follow in order to achieve the Political program which I intend to undertake and to realize during the five years to come,” which is to build, together, an emergent Saint Martin and to do this, he wants the inclusion and the engagement with the population of Saint Martin.

He noted that in an international context of economic recession which did not fail to affect St. Martin severely and in a territorial context of progressive exit of crisis, where expectations are still strong, time is counted on all levels whether it is individual, community and territorial he applied three guiding lines:

  • the consideration centered on the innovation and the respect of our common values;
  • the broad, opened and, consequently, nonsectarian dialogue;
  • the continued collective action generated by the general interest.

He mentioned that this drive that motivates him and as a result he will continue to share with his team and the entire population of St Martin in difficult times, demonstrate patriotic strength and the courage as the needs of the community may require.

Richardson is fully aware that the challenges before him require urgency, diligence and celerity. Nevertheless, he admitted that they have been appointed to lead this country even though they “do not own a magic wand.”  He continued: “It is with good will, courage, compassion, expertise experience but also a determination to succeed and the necessary mobilization to see St Martin revived that we embrace the challenges before us,” said Richardson.

“This crisis context never lived before by our country, in which our team has been elected to lead will not make matters easy for us but we all understand that our primary mission is to work towards restoring confidence and hope in St. Martin and in the resilience that lies deep within each inhabitant and also within the local authorities.

This most important mission is also to lead with perspicacity and real leadership, the implementation of our five-year program 2012-2017.”

He measures rightly the dimension, the degree of confidence and gift of oneself which such a level of responsibility requires.  He reiterated in front of all the population of Saint Martin, that his engagement, in the name of all the Cabinet, to work to reach the objectives which will meet the expectations of the people’s general interest.

“It is also the place for me to reiterate all my gratitude with all those and all those who have worked relentlessly and with determination so that a new era may begin, one that is pregnant with change and revival and thanked them a thousand times.”

He called on all the Saint-Martiners to unity and togetherness but above all to a true sudden fit of pride for the construction of a Saint Martin of justice and tolerance, prosperous and always radiant.

He recognized some of the significant achievements that have been accomplished during the last five years and congratulated Louis-Constant Fleming, Frantz Gumbs and the Cabinet which they led, for the work done. He noted that there are still some very important challenges that still remain and were highlighted even more by the crisis which shook the recently laid foundations of the Saint-Martin society.

He recalls primarily the following:

  • the challenge of a governance still handicapped by legal and administrative dysfunctions;
  • the challenge of the fight against insecurity because of persistence of poverty among the youth, cultural extraversion and the loss of cardinal values within our community;
  • the challenge represented by the reinforcement of human and institutional capacities in all fields, whether the public or the private sector, generating a low productivity and administrative clumsiness not synchronized with the requirements of diligence and competitiveness that both characterize the governance of businesses today;
  • the challenge of a youth which legitimately asserts its right to contribute to the development of the country;
  • the challenge of women who assert their place in the territorial political life and to see their various contributions explicitly taken into account;
  • Finally, the challenge of the needed ruptures to transform our economic model in order to reignite growth on a sound and lasting foundation.

His idea to raise these challenges, were all in the society project that were presented to in the manifesto during the campaign, said Richardson and also described in the manifesto of “TEAM Daniel Gibbs” and which, if summarized would say: “Build, together, an emergent Saint Martin”.

In an explicit way, it is about building a trustful, appeased, united and determined society, borne by its endogenous energies, strengthened by the opportunities of the opening to the world. Freedom, dynamism, the permanent search of excellence, sharing, solidarity and consensus constitute the key elements to converge towards this vision.

He put forward four requirements which are:

  1. confidence in the local capacities as progress and emancipation factors;
  2. the culture of excellence and competition to draw the most appropriate benefits offered regionalization;
  3. the inculcation of the values such as tolerance, solidarity and consensus as factors of social cohesion;
  4. The continuous reinforcement of democracy by the promotion of collective and individual freedoms.

Obviously, all these concerns precede the four directing axes of the program of general policy which he intends to lead. These are:

  • firstly, consolidation of the human investment,
  • secondly, the institutional development and governance,
  • thirdly, levers of emergence,
  • Fourthly finally, the new dynamics for the economy.

“The strategy of accelerated growth and sustainable development (SCADD) which are based on the attractiveness and the competitiveness of our territory is the reference of our development policy which our government proposes to work out with the support of technical and financial partners. This fits well in this vision which to be realized will have to provide the foundations for the construction of an emergent economy. For this purpose, for the years to come, the government action will have to be organized around 05 poles of concentration maintaining solid inter-relationships:

  • the pole of the reinforcement of the governance;
  • the pole of the reinforcement of the pillars of the growth;
  • the pole of the consolidation of the human investment;
  • the pole of integration of emergent themes in the development strategies;
  • The pole of reinforcement of international cooperation and regional integration, rehabilitation and the rekindling of the image of Saint Martin and its regional leadership.

The reinforcement of governance is and will remain my constant concern. Its successful implementation will depend on progressive approach constantly submitted to readjustments.

The St Martin project in view of its change of status contained recommendations and it is on those bases that I urge you to contribute to the success of the political reforms needed reinforce democracy and accelerate the edification process of a Saint Martin of shared prosperity.

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