Richards sacked at height of plagiarism scandal

POSTED: 04/10/12 2:15 PM

MARIGOT – President of the Collectivité Alain Richardson has fired his Chief of Staff Alex Richards over the scandal around his inaugural address. The new president had entrusted the drafting of the speech to Richards and the scandal has compelled him to take an “exceptional but proportional step.”
Media reported last week that the inaugural address Richardson read had been plagiarized from an inaugural address done by the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso Luc Adolphe Tiao. Richards issued a statement last Thursday denying the charge. He stated that the same person who’d written Tiao’s speech – Pierre Marssin – also wrote Richardson’s address. But the controversy continued and now Richards has been sacked.
“Transparency has always been the motto and spirit of Rassemblement Responsabilité Réussite and will continue to guide our actions. This unfortunate episode does not affect our determination to implement the program for which we were elected, and our determination to serve the people,” Richardson stated in a release he issued on Monday.
Richardson’s decision was taken after a consultation with members of his party.

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Richards sacked at height of plagiarism scandal by

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