Resignation Curacao MP Asjes stands

POSTED: 06/4/13 12:09 PM

WILLEMSTAD – The parliament of Curacao will not void the resignation of MP Ivar Asjes. This is not possible, parliament President Mike Franco said, because the credentials of his successor Sherwin Leonora have already been approved by the parliament. Franco did however submit the request to the main voting bureau.
Asjes’ resignation became effective on Sunday. That date was chosen thinking that he would start his tenure as Curacao’s new Prime Minister yesterday. That did not happen, because acting Governor Adèle van der Pluijm-Vrede indicated last week that it is not possible to install the new cabinet because the screening process was not completed yet.

Franco told Amigoe that withdrawing a resignation is not possible once the credentials of a successor have been approved. The parliament approved Leonora’s credentials last week Thursday. A day later Asjes wanted to annul his resignation. However, Leonora has not taken the oath yet from the acting governor.
A possible solution would be for Leonora to submit his resignation. In that case the highest placed candidate on the Pueblo Soberano list would be entitled to a seat in the faction – and that is Asjes.

On Saturday, Asjes said during a meeting of Pueblo Soberano that he has no objections against making the results of his screening public, the Antilliaans Dagblad reported. Asjes wrote on his Facebook-page that the letter from the acting governor about the postponement of the installation of the new cabinet had caused confusion.”It offered the opportunity to some people to smear the names of the candidate ministers.”

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Resignation Curacao MP Asjes stands by

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