Residents speak out about murders

POSTED: 08/21/11 2:36 PM

“The blame lies with whatever the victims are involved in”St. Maarten – Three murders in two days have caused residents to think about the downside of this recent spate of crimes. It has gripped the Friendly Island and, ironic as it may seem, the question on people’s mind is: who is next, why and when?
There are some striking similarities between the three men that died this week. Clement Kevin Gumbs born April 11, 1981, Eric’ Tweints Tweints’ Lake and Sheldon Thomas born November 26, 1982, the most recent killing, all of them have been shot execution style to the head. The modus operandi is the same, and so is the message.
Today spoke with a several residents who did not want their names published, but wanted to get their opinions across about the sad developments.
“It’s is very sad what is going on in our 37 square miles little country,” one man said. “But on the other hand most of these crimes are drugs related or related to money laundering. It is sad to say but it’s our own country people that are involved in these situations. Somehow the young people don’t want to work hard for a dollar, they want to reach the top instantly so they choose to live the gangster life. What they fail to understand about this gangster life, one day in your life there is a price to pay and most of the time it’s their death. It is very scary what is going on, this is supposed to be the Friendly Island.”
“I am not from this country,” another resident said. “I was like many others forced to flee where I was born because of gang related violence. Violence is not good in any country; we have experienced it and seen it. Now it’s here and it comes as a big shock and that is not very good for the young generation to grow up in. They really need help because what is going on here now is terrible and they should ask outsiders how to deal with the problems because we are all residents of this small island.”
A resident who happens to live close to the crime scene on the Illidge Road is still visibly shaken two days after the gruesome murders.
“Now, I have to be afraid to walk on the road with my daughter. It could have been me or somebody else that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, luckily I was not passing there at the time. I don’t know what I would have done, if I was there at the same time.”
“We can’t blame the police,” another resident said. “The blame lies with whatever the victims are involved in. The police can only try its best to try and solve the crimes, but they must also investigate and see how many assassinations that happened here were drug related and out of them, how many the police were able to solve, I am sure it will not be much. I feel it will continue till the last piece of the puzzle is gone. If we really look at the killings and the victims, these are targeted killings, not random.”
“I am horrified by what’s taking place,” yet another resident said. “I don’t really know what can be done especially if the murders appear to be drug related. We got a major crime problem on our hands, it’s scary.”

“I am saddened,” the last resident we spoke to said. “I honestly don’t think anybody can do anything. Criminals study crime, these officers don’t know shit and the criminals know this. That is why they get shot in broad day light and as soon as the police get called, they have to call the gendarmes as well. What else can I say, oh, legalize the herb.”

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  1. FED UP says:

    the sad thing is that the island is becoming a crime haven,gone aare the days when man will settle they differences with fists and maay the best man win,we cant blame it all on the youths,because adults and law maker re doing the same thing.they arre no examples.the only blame lys with the people who have no regaurds for human/the fellow brothers aand sisters.aand the damm justice system stop giving these criminals slaaps on the hands,and make they prison stay one that they will forever remember.3 STRIKES AND U OUT.THEY ARE COMING OUT TOO SOON TO DO THE SAME THING ALL OVERR AGAIN,THATS WHY THEY T=DONT CARE