Residents petition cabinet against sound pollution Soggy Dollar Bar

POSTED: 07/30/13 11:09 AM

Soggy Dollar BarSt. Maarten – The community of Simpson Bay has about had it with the Soggy Dollar Bar. In a petition signed by 85 residents, they ask for immediate assistance from Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams and Economic Affairs Minister Ted Richardson. The residents sent their petition to all members of the cabinet.

The residents say that the establishment has been causing “severe issues” in their neighborhood. As an example the petition mentions last week Wednesday, July 24, when the music was extremely loud between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. “Despite every measure each resident took to block the sound of the music and the boom-boom of the bass vibrations, every sound reverberated through each household from Sister Modena road straight through the Old village road beyond the Roman Catholic Church,” the petitioners state. “We could hear not only the music but every word the DJ said clearly.”

The Simpson Bay residents say that the sound pollution occurs every weekend including Sunday nights, but also on weekdays. “It is truly unbearable. We are all exhausted from being unable to sleep. This is continuously causing stress. We are concerned not only for the welfare of ourselves but especially for children and senior citizens.”

The residents furthermore point out that there is insufficient parking space and that Soggy Dollar Bar clients are parking their cars in front of their homes.



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Residents petition cabinet against sound pollution Soggy Dollar Bar by