Residents complain about: Flooding in Simpson Bay

POSTED: 07/26/16 6:43 PM

St. Maarten News —“I have been begging the government for several years to have the flooding fixed that has existed between the Druggist in Simpson Bay and the restaurant on the other side of the alley,” said Simpson Bay resident Philip van Delden. He told Today that he has been in discussion with the Head of VROMI Claudius Buncamper and he has been promising to have the problem fixed to no avail.

However Mr. Buncamper told this newspaper that “to fix the problem is not as simple as it looks” because the Simpson Bay lagoon is higher than that part of the area. He explained that a submerged pump was placed on the property of Hot Tomatoes which was situated across the street to take the water that is accumulated in the area to the lagoon but after some time, the owners of the property asked government to have the pump removed from their property.

This left government grappling for solutions to have the problem fixed permanently, Buncamper explained. Government is now looking at a permanent solution to the problem which may include installing another pump which will take the water to the trench situated near the airport fence. “It is not as easy as it looks and we are looking at a permanent solution and not a cosmetic one since one should not pump water up a hill,” said Buncamper.

Meanwhile, van Delden has reported that the pump that was placed in the area of Hot Tomatoes across the street was never maintained and as a result it became corroded. After sometime government officials came and removed it. This means that the residents in that area will have to suffer a while later until a decision is made by VROMI to have it fixed even though it is on the priority list to be solved.

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Residents complain about: Flooding in Simpson Bay by

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