Resident expresses concern about speeders in Oyster Pond

POSTED: 04/3/12 12:46 PM

“Speed gets you there dead fast”

St. Maarten – Residents of Oyster Pond are singing the praises of the Ministry of VROMI for heeding the call to repair the public portion of the road that leads from Defiance to Dawn Beach Estates. Paving the road and systematic clearing of dense foliage on its sides just over a month ago has made commuting to the location much easier. However, the road has become a virtual ‘race track’ in the absence of speed bumps or safety signs.

“The road was paved nicely but the way how people are using it is scary,” one driver exclaimed.

Tire tracks and the odor of burnt rubber are tell-tale signs of the vehicles travelling at excessive speeds on the steep incline which snakes it way over rocky terrain to some of the island’s exclusive tourist destinations.

Former race car driver, Andy Peterson resides in the area. He claims to have spoken to inspectors who assured that safety is a priority.

“People are really risking their lives, the moving with so much speed and may mash up themselves. It’s scary, you hear tires screeching coming around the corners.”

Personal experience has taught Peterson that ‘speed gets you there dead fast’ and so he was forced to adjust the way he uses the roadways.

“I would hate to see someone lose their life on this road,” he said.

At present there is no sign indicating the speed limit on Oyster Pond road making it an uncontrolled thoroughfare for road users. The Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR), University of Adelaide, has shown that the risk of crashes and the severity of resultant injuries increase rapidly and disproportionately with increasing speed, on both urban and rural roads. At 65 km/h, the risk of crashing is double the risk at 60 km/h. On rural roads, the risk doubles for each 10km/h a vehicle travels above the average traffic speed. Excessive speed and inappropriate speed are often important factors in single vehicle crashes such as hitting a fixed object and rolling over, particularly on open country roads.

When Today Newspaper spoke to the head of the department of maintenance at the Ministry of VROMI, Claudius Buncamper in February he indicated that the Oyster Pond road has been considered for upgrades in terms of guard rails, lighting, road safety signs and speed bumps. No specific period has been identified for these works.

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Resident expresses concern about speeders in Oyster Pond by

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