Renewal for BTA Category One applicants begins soon

POSTED: 06/14/12 1:04 PM

St. Maarten – Secretary General of the Immigration and Naturalization Department Udo Aron says that foreign nationals who have applied through the Brooks Tower Accord for their legal status to be regulated and placed in category one are about to have their documents renewed again. Some of them will have to wait to be legal on the island and registered at the Census Office for ten years before they can apply for permanent status.

People who want to acquire Dutch nationality through naturalization must be registered for at least ten years. People must be registered at the Civil Registry for 10 years before they can become permanent residents or become a Dutch citizen.

“We have to look at each case individually to determine if it is the fault of the applicant the employer or the family. An investigation must be done and all the different scenarios must be taken into consideration,” Aron said when he asked about people who may have gaps in between the periods they had legal status.

Aron also announced that he’s been assured that people in Category One who have applied for business licenses should be able to pick these up soon.

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Renewal for BTA Category One applicants begins soon by

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