Reis proposes St. Maarten and Guyana deepen relations

POSTED: 06/12/12 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – Guyana’s Honorary Consul to Antigua & Barbuda Robert E. Reis sees the need for the strengthening of bilateral relations between St. Maarten and Guyana. He’s also opined it would be mutually beneficial for the two countries to engage in trade and investment negotiations.

Reis was recently in St. Maarten to provide consular services and met with Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams as part of the tour. He’s pointed out that globalization has made the world smaller and that Caribbean governments are now focusing on investment and trade as part of their diplomatic efforts.

“Certainly it is something that can be looked at; to get a trade mission up to St. Maarten and see what the possibilities are. Of course it can also go both ways since Guyana is also looking at investment,” the honorary consul said.

Reis admits there may be some difficulty brought on by the region’s transportation woes. Regional governments and institutions have yet to find feasible way to move large quantities of goods across the region.

“Throughout the Caribbean I think this is a problem of how do you move manufactured goods or produce from one destination to another.”

Guyana produces agricultural produce for most of the region but Reis does not believe that utilizing Liat Quik Pak or Caribbean Airlines would be the best examples by which to open a market in St. Maarten.

The Guyanese official has commended St. Maarten for having a strong tourism based economy and for the high standards that it sets for itself in terms of the provision of products and services.

“We have to ensure that we meet those standards in terms of processing and packaging,” Reis noted.

He also called on the entrepreneurs in St. Maarten to take a look at what Guyana has to offer in terms of trade and investment. Aruba – another Dutch Caribbean island – and Guyana began talks in early May on the possibility of the two countries sharing technical expertise on offshore exploration of oil and natural gas as well as sustainable development.

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