“Regina Labega acts unethical” – DAE reacts to statements Labega

POSTED: 08/7/13 11:41 AM

WILLEMSTAD – The Director of the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA), Regina Labega, decided that she wants DAE to immediately pay an old debt the company has with the airport, a reaction from DAE to the statements the airport management made yesterday. “She also chose to make publicly known the deliberations between the airport and DAE. DAE does not know what the director’s intentions are.”

Now that DAE is confronting its current situation, Labega also wants to take an intransigent position, by being a monopoly and act unprofessionally. “This can also be considered unethical.”

According to DAE’s management in stating the facts, both parties PJIA and DAE came to an agreement to pay an old debt made by the former DAE management on May 29, 2012, which PJIA did not collect at that time. The current DAE management agreed to pay the old debt in 36 installments. Based on this, DAE reduced this debt with more than 310.000 guilders, paying 13 installments.

“It’s true that DAE recently fell behind with 2 installments (months), the reasons are already known. Now PJIA decides that it doesn’t want to wait anymore and decided that it wants the debt to be repaid in only 5 to 7 installments. Thus, it reduced the amount with more than 4 to 6 times from what was agreed upon in May of last year. Right now when DAE is going through a tough time, PJIA unilaterally has decided to impose a ‘conditio sine qua non’ (indispensable condition – ed.). Even more, if DAE does not comply, DAE will not be able to fly to St. Maarten anymore and they will request bankruptcy through the court. If that is not enough, after a member of the DAE management flew to St. Maarten to personally deliberate with the PJIA authorities, Labega released information from the meeting between the parties in her own distorted words. Once more, it is not known with what purpose this was done.”

DAE said it wants to maintain itself to the former agreement. “Because DAE fell behind with two payments from the old debt, DAE offered to pay these in one month, in August, included the costs of last month and current month to get things back in order. This entails a not so small amount to be paid in one month so that the problems can be solved. DAE reiterates that it cannot comply with a demand imposed by a monopolist, which it cannot pay.”

DAE said that it will continue to deliberate with the competent authorities in St. Maarten to reach an agreement which is just and to continue serving the loyal passengers to and from that destination and to avoid having to stop serving the St. Maarten market.

“DAE does not have other words for that abuses mentioned above, imposed by a unilateral monopolistic party and it hopes that both parties can reach an agreement soon to clear the abovementioned situation. Whatever the decision may be, DAE wants to reiterate that it will defend the interests of its passengers, in St. Maarten, Santo Domingo and Curacao which DAE has been transporting to and from the island of St. Maarten.”

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"Regina Labega acts unethical" - DAE reacts to statements Labega by

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