Regatta-murders Killers back in court to appeal life sentence

POSTED: 05/22/12 11:39 AM

GREAT BAY – The Common Court of Justice continues tomorrow afternoon with the appeal of Curtley Allison Richards and Sherwan Roberts, the two men who were sentenced to life imprisonment in December for the so-called Regatta-murders.
In March there was a first hearing; on that occasion defense attorneys contested the psychiatric evaluations of their clients. The court denied a request by mr. Shaira Bommel who wanted a contra-expertise for her client Sherwan Roberts at the Pieter Baan Center in Utrecht in the Netherlands.
But the court allowed the attorneys to put questions to psychiatrist dr. Matroos. He concluded in one of his reports that Roberts is “beyond treatment.”
The attorney for Curtley Allison Richards also wanted further evaluation. “There is a lot at stake,” he said, referring to the life sentences both defendants have to their name. “The reports are very meager and the consequences are extremely serious.”
Initially mr. Bommel declined to accept an offer from the court to allow questions to psychiatrist Matroos and psychologist Van der Vorst, but when her colleague mr. Hatzmann accepted it, she reluctantly followed suit.
Tomorrow’s court schedule shows that both defendants are now represented by Hatzmann.
He told this newspaper yesterday that the court will discuss the findings that came from the questions that were put to the psychiatrist and the psychologist, but that is was quite possible that the case would be postponed again.
When Richards and Roberts appeared in court for their trial in November of last year, security measures around the courthouse were extreme. The streets around the courthouse were blocked for all traffic and heavily armed members of the arrest team stood guard.
The defendants were brought into the courthouse by other members of the arrest team who were clad in balaclavas. Both men were shackled and handcuffed.
During their appeal in March security was more relaxed and both defendants were only shackled, not handcuffed in the courtroom.
Roberts and Richards were sentenced to life imprisonment for a series of crimes they committed last year. Since the most horrific ones occurred around the Heineken Regatta weekend, they became known as the Regatta-murders. The two men were sentenced for the robbery and subsequent manslaughter on Ludovic Guillevin in the night of February 25 to 26, on Eduardo Nova Valdez in the night of March 3 to 4 and on Foidel Luis in the night of March 4 to 5, the repeated rape of a young woman in the night of February 12 to 13, of armed robberies on February 12, the night of February 19 to 20 and February 23, and the ill-treatment of a woman in the night of March 17 to 18.

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