Reader’s Opinion: Moving forward positively

POSTED: 07/17/14 4:41 PM

Dear Editor,

It was of course with great interest that I read the article titled “CPC Contests Thompson’s Explanation” which is based on an interview with the CPC’s Treasurer and Secretary as featured in your publication yesterday July 15th, 2014. Please note that I purposefully make a distinction between the aforementioned persons and the rest of the CPC board as I have my doubts that any of the other board members were consulted before this interview took place even though the headline implies the article is CPC’s official rationalization.

I have taken some time to review the statements by the CPC’s Treasurer and Secretary and to reflect on whether or not to respond in detail point by point. Fact of the matter is that I stand by the explanation of the course of events, leading up to CPC’s decision not to participate in the 2014 elections and ultimately my resignation from the party, as summarized in my Letter to the Editor (Still about Positive Change) published in your publication on July 14th. A complete point by point response to the statements by the CPC Treasurer and Secretary would likely just result in a back and forth, would not do justice to the Party I co-established and would be unfair to the rest of the board and the organization’s general membership. Aside from pointing out just a handful of the many inconsistencies in the statements by the remaining Executive Board members of the CPC, I will leave matters for what they are.

It is now implied that “the CPC decided to pull out of the elections because prospective candidates got cold feet or second thoughts”. Yet in Thursday July 10th’s press release, which was issued without my support, it was stated that the decision to withdraw was based on the perception that sufficient organic growth had not been achieved and that Sint Maarten’s political culture still needs to advance. My questions to the gentlemen are simple; which is it, the former reason or the latter? What better way for a political party to measure “organic growth” than to participate in elections? Is it not for the electorate to decide whether a party is ready to serve the people rather than that a party decides whether or not the electorate is ready?

It should also be pointed out that the Treasurer announced his decision not to support participation in the elections well before two of the potential five CPC candidates pulled out. As a matter of fact, correspondence indicates that his decision not to support CPC’s postulation was already made over the weekend of July 4th yet the Treasurer did not seem to find it at all important to mention this to my person and the general membership in the meeting of July 7th. If the board and membership had been informed earlier it would have still been possible for CPC to participate in the elections. The reasoning and attempted rationalization now provided is therefore flawed at best.

In hindsight I now realize that it was very likely never the CPC Treasurer’s and Secretary’s intention to ever participate in any elections. I believe the gentlemen intended to create a platform, a movement or activist group of sorts. There is of nothing wrong with such an initiative. As I am an environmental activist and have been involved with NGOs for over ten years I can truly appreciate such an effort, one should however not raise false expectations.

As indicated, I stand by my Letter to the Editor as published in your publication on July 14th. I will therefore leave my faith and that of the causes I champion in the capable hands of the electorate on August 29th, 2014. As I move forward in efforts to work towards ensuring the sustainable development of St. Maarten and the sound management of natural and cultural heritage for all the island’s residents in a positive manner, I wish my fellow co-founders of the CPC Dijkhoffz and Henriquez, all other board members and the general membership much success in all future endeavors.

Rueben J. Thompson

Still about Positive Change

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