Recruitment for municipal police officers begins

POSTED: 01/4/12 12:02 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – The central authority in Guadeloupe has opened recruitment for municipal police officers. Interested candidates can complete the preregistration online up until January 31, 2012 and should be prepared to take written examinations on June 23.

The ideal candidates will have at least a level five diploma or equivalent qualification, be the parent of a child(ren) of three years or older, and be a top athlete. People who meet these criteria can fill in the application at The completed form should then be printed, signed and mailed by February 8. The mailing address is: BP 465-Avenue Paul Lacavé, PETIT PARIS 97 100, Basse Terre, Guadeloupe.

People who have difficulty with the pre-registration should contact Simeon Sapori at 0590 876191 in the Community Hall.

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Recruitment for municipal police officers begins by

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