Reader’s Opinion: Your move Louie

POSTED: 11/5/12 1:09 PM

Professor Jaime Saleh made an interesting point during the symposium organized by the High Councils of State on Friday when SHTA-President Emil Lee asked at what point elected officials should step down. When there is sufficient suspicion, Saleh said.
This triggered to the following reaction from Michael Ferrier:

Your move, “Honorable Parliamentarian Laveist”.

OK, so now Professor Jaime Saleh has said it, the next move is yours, Louie.
Show us what you are made of.

Michael J. Ferrier
St. Maarten citizen.

Laveist was sentenced on appeal for accepting bribes from a jewelry store and from a prospective supplier of office furniture for the new government building. The court sentenced Laveist to a 6-mponth conditional prison sentence, a 5,000 guilders (almost $2,800) fine and a ban from office for 3 years.
The conviction bans Laveist from holding office as a minister or from holding a position in the civil service, but it does not take away his right to his seat in parliament as a member of the National Alliance. The reason for this is that Laveist was elected to this position, not appointed. In the 2007 Island council elections Laveist won 683 votes, making him the fifth biggest vote-getter. But in the September 2010 elections Laveist lost 48.6 percent of his electoral support and won only 351 votes, ranking him as the number 8 on a list of twenty politicians. Theo Heyliger won 2,912 votes in 2010, and the lowest result was recorded by former education Minister Rhoda Arrindell with 120 votes.

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