Reader’s Opinion: We want to know…

POSTED: 11/14/12 12:27 PM

Who authorized the dredging of sand for the amount of 4.9 million dollars?

Who did the trucking of the sand?

Who authorized the sale of sand belonging to the people of Sint Maarten?

Who is receiving these revenues and what will be done with it?

Who authorized the filling of the Great Garbage Pond for a drag strip and possible cricket stadium?

We deserve answers to these questions without any delay or hesitation. Neither studies nor plans about a drag strip in the Great Garbage Pond have been revealed to the public. After the “change” of government (same parliament) we all of a sudden saw trucks loaded with sand racing up and down to full fill some political promise made by one of the Three Amigo’s to a very small group within the electorate.

And it’s not that we do not want the drag strip, we actually support St. Maarten having a drag strip. Think about all the extra inter-island visitors for grand events as it is easier to host such major events in St. Maarten than it is in the neighboring islands. So we do recognize the potential. Our issue is simply in the way this came to pass.

The cricket stadium is a whole other issue…..

So when these questions are asked, we have come to understand that nobody has a clue about what, when, how and by whom this went on. These kind of childish games are a display of blatant disrespect to the electorate and democracy on Sint Maarten. You have to give account for this mess and take responsibility. Let’s go back to the polls and let the people of Sint Maarten show you if we agree or disagree with you. We want to know. #sxmmovement

Soualiga Social Movement

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