Reader’s Opinion: Walking to Heaven on Reef slippers

POSTED: 12/28/12 1:05 PM

Walking twice a day my dogs on Kim Sha Beach I see a lot of beautiful women in devastating bikini’s and sometimes I meet an interesting person. One day I saw a beautiful lady who was also interesting. I got to talk to her because she timidly said “Good morning Mr. Bijnsdorp”.  She had been in Milton Peters College when I was a teacher there for 20 years. We sat down on the beach and talked and talked.  I learned that she was a Seventh Day Adventist.

When I said that I did not believe in God, she started to try to convert me: Adam and Eve, the angels, the 10 Commandments etc, etc. I kept listening to her fairy tale, because she was just adorable for the passion with which she tried to talk me into Heaven. But when she was on the point of telling me the story of the fallen angels, I told her I had to go home to cook for my family. I collected my two lesbian dogs and walked home.

The next day I found out that after saying good bye to her I had forgotten to take home my slippers. They were gone. My beloved 40 dollar Reef slippers were gone. That is how God punishes you when you do not believe in him.  I remembered my friend’s unpaid advice: “ If you pray, everything will be okay.

“So why not just try? I prayed to God and asked Him to please bring me back my slippers. Three days later I found a Reef slipper on the same beach. What to do with one slipper, so I did not pick it up. A hundred meters further my dog Koko ran to me with a slipper in his mouth. It matched the one I saw a hundred meters back. Halleluja! I had a new pair of Reef slippers!  And then I realized the truth in the words of my friend: “If you pray, everything will be okay.” I know that the path to Heaven is narrow, but I am going to walk it on my newly found Reef Slippers.  Haleluyja!

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid Seventh Day Adventurer.

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