Reader’s Opinion: Violation on privacy

POSTED: 07/16/14 12:04 PM

The way the signing of the list was done was definitely an infringement on democracy and on the people’s rights to endorse whichever list they wished to without this being known to onlookers that were in the booth observing who signed which list. The way that the booths were set up with the names above the booths indicated clearly which party that persons signed for or supported. I agree that this does not guarantee that the list you sign will be the party that you will support on Election Day.

However I believe that every voter should be given the privacy just like on Election Day for which list you choose to sign or vote for. Signing of the list in my opinion is a prelude leading up to Election Day. It gives an indication of the strength of parties which can influence the electorate. This should definitely be changed for the next election just as Curacao did in the past. The last Island Council election on September 17 the signing was not done by parties that had representation in the Island Council and in addition to that you were given the privacy to sign whichever list that you wanted to without anyone’s knowledge of which list you signed for.

This is a real interesting topic that should be looked into and addressed by all political parties and especially the voters of St. Maarten. Violation of the privacy of the voters should never be trampled on and the parties the voters signed for should always be a personal matter. If we continue with this way of the signing of the party lists we will lose our silent supporters which is a large number of persons who do not wish to let which party they signed for be known to anyone. Have a blessed day to all.

C. Jeffrey Richardson

National Alliance Nr 9 candidate

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