Reader’s Opinion: There we go again

POSTED: 07/23/14 12:17 PM

Just like the different seasons show what time of the year it is…so do the ridiculous, polluting, intimidating , clue-less, expensive political posters, banners, flags and other dazzling ‘talisman’ – objects, tell us that it is that time again….elections –  on ‘Dutch’ St. Maarten to be exact.

On face value, it would appear that – ‘oh shute’ – there we go again – business as usual – time to fool the voters again with all kinds of ‘smoking mirrors’ and what have you.

And indeed, for the politicians it might be assuring, that they can get down to doing what they do best – lie, deceit, offer false- and empty promises, double-talk, use multiple words to say naught, nada, niets, rien, nichts….

However, while they might be up there on cloud 9, ready to once again capture the cake and divide it among the same, exclusive family-clans – clearly many of the voters are undergoing a very unusual ‘metamorphosis’ – a transformation of sorts.

What do I mean ?

Well, if you too happen to be an internet ‘junkie’ like myself, it must have also become evident to you, that there is a ‘revolution’ taking place in cyberland- bloodless for now – but extremely effective.

Many are discovering the (self-) empowering potential of making good use of the internet to become their own whistleblowers, investigative bloggers, reporters or wiki-leakers’……

Instead of simply using Facebook etc. for the fun and distraction as in the past, they are now realizing that in fact the past track records of politicians and aspiring politicians, might be just a click away from being pulled up, Googled and reviewed.

Not only being pulled up like prosecutors do, but that information can also can be shared with everybody and also be commented upon by everybody again.

In other words, using Google and other search-engines, in fact every politician can be stripped to the naked truth, making it very difficult to deny the facts and to fool the people like they did in the past.

Don’t believe this old man – ask people like Gromyko Wilson, Rene (Koto) Wilson, or log on to etc. etc

These people should be highly recommended as St. Martin investigative pioneers, and for empowering the St. Martin electorate with vital and relevant information about those vying to get in government, where many plunder government’s coffers.

Finally, there is more equity in the election equation, because voters no longer have to accept being clueless- and helpless victims in dealing with the once high- and mighty politicians.

It is something, our St. Martin grassroots movement has always promoted and we are proud to see the people finally believing in ‘self’.

Having said all of the above – now my suggestion to the relevant authorities, those that will be in charge with organizing the various political debates.

To remain relevant, credible and in keeping with this growing consciousness and involvement of the public in contributing towards increased democracy, transparency, accountability, and integrity, the same service, or more is now expected of you towards the public, this time around.

Make sure, to have the debates online, first of all.

Also, a system should be used, whereby you have computers on the spot, connected to a mega screen TV (poster-size) for the public.

Allow, for input by email of questions, remarks, documents, video-clips by the voters to the candidates.

Have someone present, to pull up all relevant previous statements made, positions taken by the candidates also  on a super big screen.

Doing less, is not only unacceptable in this time and age – but will make you suspect in denying the public meaningful input in electing persons in office, who will have the power to continue with corruption and other forms of poor governance.

I rest my case,


Leopold James

President St. Martin grassroots people Movement.


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