Reader’s Opinion: Theo – The fox and sour grapes

POSTED: 11/15/12 1:00 PM

As most readers will know by now, Today usually does not publish anonymous letters to the editor. We make a rare exception for this contribution, based on its content and also based on the fact that the writer’s name is known to us.

The people of St. Maarten have to apologize to Theo Heyliger for his faction leader leaving the party and putting him into opposition. We have to apologize because only Theo can run government, nobody else can do it.

Minister Pantophlet is incompetent and doesn’t understand tourism and his decisions will damage the industry and will take years to repair. I have a good memory, what has Theo done? Build the harbor? NO. The harbor was commissioned during the time of the SPA. Theo only changed the design a bit which cost the taxpayers an additional $20 million. Whether that was a good idea or not is a matter of opinion.

The causeway was Theo’s idea? Actually the causeway was planned way before Theo ever got into government, so were numerous other roads. Now we have to give him credit for getting it started. However, where are the 300 jobs for the locals Theo promised? The bridge will no doubt be very beautiful but seeing that it is located close to the runway, it might not be a good idea and maybe not even legal to put lights on the structure. How would it affect our tourism if a plane was to misjudge and crash on the bridge during landing or hit the top of the bridge during takeoff. Were these things taken into consideration?

Theo was for the bridge but he is against the tunnel. The bridge cost $42 Million and even though the cost of the tunnel is not yet known to Minister Marlin, Theo knows it will cost $200 million or is it $120 million because he mentioned two amounts. Now we must admit the tunnel is an ambitious project but Minister Marlin has done such projects before, Link 1 phase one and phase two come to mind and he was part of the negotiating team for the $60 million harbor.

Theo is concerned about how we will pay for the tunnel and says that every car on St. Maarten would have to drive through the tunnel four times a day to pay for it. Since the cost of the tunnel is not known, this is just foolish talk. However, we all know who is paying for the bridge. You and I! Notice the rise in price at your grocery store? That’s paying for the bridge. The harbor raised container fees and that’s buy generic valium 10mg paying for the bridge. So even though you may not even own a car and may never drive over the bridge, you are still paying for it. Now that’s really helping the small man, isn’t it Theo?

My question is, would any lending institution or contractor build a tunnel if they thought that they could not be repaid? To me this is just a fox calling the grapes he can’t reach sour. Theo never thought about a tunnel and now he is terrified that the completion of a tunnel may guarantee he stays in opposition. His bridge to nowhere will only be taking traffic from Simpson Bay and dropping it off in Cole Bay while the tunnel will finally make the bridge project make sense. You would be able to leave from St. Peters and be at the airport in 10 minutes and vice versa.

Then there is link 6 from Belvedere / Bishop Hill to Weymouth Hill. This road will ease the traffic experienced by the people of Reward, St. Peters, and surrounding areas in the morning time when people are dropping the children to school. Theo claims that all the projects were in the pipeline but he was talking about the causeway for months before it happened but yet no mention of any of the other projects. Now these projects were either big secrets or he is lying. I vote for the latter!

The Tempo turns 7 project cost $400,000 which is a whole lot of money. I don’t know if I support this project 100% but at least the island is getting heavy advertising in the Tri-State area. What did the island get for the $350,000 spent on Summer Fest. Even with the hefty price of Tempo, we must admit that this seems like the better deal.

Lastly, all of a sudden Theo is all concerned about how much the harbor is spending on dredging. Seeing the amount of lies that Theo has told in the last few days, are we to believe that his figures here are true. If the difference in price is so large, I suggest he asks his UP members to bring it to parliament. Spewing nonsense in the media will not solve this issue. If indeed the price difference is as large as he claims, somebody’s head should roll.

In conclusion, the sudden upsurge of media contact by Theo leaves me wondering. What is his ultimate plan? What does he expect to benefit? I think that anyone reading this knows the answer. When a fox can’t reach the grapes, he says that the grapes are sour.

Still A Concerned Citizen

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