Reader’s Opinion: The circus at Jurassic Park

POSTED: 11/13/12 3:07 PM

In a recent central committee meeting of parliament, the minister of justice was called to address the parliament on his further plans for justice on St. Maarten. He went on to lay out an elaborate long term 100 million-dollar Justice Park plan with special hotel type suites for prisoners to have sex with their wives, girlfriends or prostitutes. However, no short term plan was ever addressed to deal with the immediate rampant crime problem on St. Maarten. While one senator asked for accountability on the project, others went off subject with rants unrelated to the issue at hand. One senator even went so far as to express how much love he had for the police.

At times, I thought I was listening to a love feast instead of the subject related to crime and justice. Another senator even made fun of the Justice Park plan and called it a Jurassic Park. While listening to the shortsightedness and the lack common sense and knowledge of some in the circus, I was hoping that no intelligent locals, residents or tourist were listening in at the time for I was ashamed and embarrassed of what I was hearing from some we call senators.

Crime and the economy are the major concerns of the people of St. Maarten. However, building a 100 million–dollar tourist attraction call a Justice Park will only serve to enrich some in government, their families, political friends and their cronies; however, it will do nothing to reduce crime and create jobs. Not until we address the problem of government corruption and all unjust laws will we start to solve our crime and economic problems. Those that believe that increasing the size of government while destroying the private sector and making the middle class poor and the poor poorer is the answer are completely delusional and living in fantasy.

Furthermore, we must start doing what’s right in order to have and live in a prosperous and safe society.

(1) Upgrade the present prison in Point Blanche and add 500 more cells.

(2) Convict and lock up all corrupt government officials and civil servants with serious jail time and not just with a slap on the wrist as we now do. It’s no longer a public secret that St. Maarten is one among several of the most corrupt islands in the Caribbean and the world.

(3) Voting is a PRIVILIGE and not a RIGHT, so we must take away voting privileges from all convicted criminals.

(4) Minimum sentences of 20 years for armed robbers and rapist, child rapist should be hung.

(5) Life sentences for first degree murderers and that should mean life (until death).

(6) Liberal Dutch judges and prosecutors are here for two or three years and have no connection to the realities of our culture and society, if they insist on releasing criminals on early release programs, they should be replaced by conservative judges and prosecutors. If they continue to early release criminals, KLM comes to St. Maarten several times a week, ship them to Holland and release them in the towns and villages where they come from.

(7) Legislate a Castle Doctrine self-defense law, also known as a Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law.

(8) Since criminals must get sun and exercise, chain-gang them and put them to work on the streets to clean the roads, ponds and beaches. After all, the tax-payers that are paying for their keep have to work to eat; they should also have to work to eat. This is rehabilitation for those who can be rehabilitated; it will also teach them work ethic at the same time. Now that injustice has become law. When will rebellion become duty? The only ones going extinct in this Jurassic Park are the private sector and its few remaining tax paying employees that pay the entire bill. For most, St. Maarten’s Day has now come to represent the same thing Antillean Day did, starvation, injustice and insecurity day. By the way, has anyone heard anything from the puppet Chamber of Commerce lately?

Peter Gunn               

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