Reader’s Opinion: Socialism and our one party state

POSTED: 10/18/12 12:16 PM

We’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the roles that a political opposition, the church and the media play in whether or not we will maintain a free democracy. At the moment all three political parties in Parliament are of the same socialist ideology; they all pretty much agree on the same things, that’s why we have no effective opposition.
Don’t you see that they are always willing to jump in bed with each other so they can hang on to power at any cost for self-interest? So, in effect we have a one-party state. While we should not have separation of God from state; however, in order for us to have free democracy we must have separation of church and state. European history has shown us that without separation of church and state we will end up with a tyrannical dictatorship.

All organised religions on St. Maarten today are government enablers and their ministers and preachers are civil servants, here is why. The salaries of ministers, priest and preachers of the organised religions are paid by government. The government subsidizes all religious schools to the tune of about 90 per cent. Do you understand now why churches and many so-called Christians don’t speak up against the anti-family and anti-freedom policies of government? So, the churches are government stooges because they are in the pockets of government. If sitting in church on Sunday makes one a Christian, then sitting in a garage on any day would also make one a car.

In order to have freedom and a real democracy, a country has to have ideological differences in political parties. There are only two ideological differences – socialism and capitalism, just as in order to have electricity we have positive and negative or there is no electricity.
Socialist today have given themselves some new names, they sometimes consider themselves liberals or progressives. These are the new sugar-coated names for socialism or communism. Capitalist are considered to be conservatives and are sometimes referred to as right-wingers.
Capitalist or conservative ideology believes in personal responsibility, faith, work, family, free markets and limited government. Socialist/Communist or Liberals believe in big government controlling everything including labour, commerce and our lives. They believe we are all irresponsible little children so they must be involved in running our day to affairs. Many of us are socialist slaves even if we do not know it.

Here is how one can tell if they are socialist.

If one believes one should be taken care of from the cradle to grave and you are entitled to a free education, free healthcare, low cost or free public housing, a guaranteed job for life, free money for your children because of your personal irresponsibility, that you are poor because some others are rich and its others faults that you can’t get a job or get ahead, then you are a socialist slave.
Government and politicians will always exploit and control you for their own political and financial gain. So, if you continue looking for freeness and selling your vote at election time you will continue being a poor, socialist-slave exploited by a dictatorial one-party government.

Peter Gunn

Editor’s note:
Just one question following your interesting observations Mr. Gunn: where is that capitalist country again with a limited government?

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