Reader’s Opinion: Sandmen

POSTED: 01/2/13 12:31 PM

Dear Editor,

The National Alliance is sounding the alarm to their coalition partners and St. Maarten that they will do whatever it takes to remain in government. They have done simple mathematics (10-2=8) to ensure stability. The Prime Minister has taken the bull by the horn to initiate electoral reform. It is sad however that a few of our beloved politicians seem not to be on the same page. Are they afraid of what reform will translate for them? Are they worried that they will lose votes because it was never about serving the people but themselves?

It is my humble opinion that amendments to the law can and should take place before the next elections but apparently being sandmen takes precedence over the interest of the people. I think we need to pay very close attention to the government’s next move.

Cleveland F. Arrindell II

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