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POSTED: 10/31/12 12:08 PM

We, the people of Sint Maarten, are hereby granted the opportunities to do whatever it is we want to do. It’s now really a free country!

Yes, you heard right. If you want to start a business, go right ahead, if you want to build a twenty two story gift shop selling pancakes, you can go right ahead and do that too. Permits? Permission? Licenses? Taxes? Nah, don’t even bother with any of that!

Oh really, you beg to differ? Look at what is going on around us with our tax money and without the proper permits, permission or any sort of regard for an area’s surroundings! In Simpson Bay, the causeway that fell from the sky is practically halfway complete and in town the sand dunes of what seems to be our very own Sahara Desert are piling up from BBW to Radio Holland so high that even if legal avenues dub that situation as illegal, what the hell is going to happen to that sand? They aren’t going to refill the trucks and put it back into the harbor!

I’m not taking the time to write this letter because I am against drag racing or cricket playing. Not at all. That’s all perfectly fine and a natural request of a supposed tax-paying citizen wanting to enhance popular activities and raise revenue for the island! But the issue at hand here is not competitive car racing or sports.

The issue at hand here is how Government continues to cut corners and do whatever it is they want to do so long as it benefits their direct interests. So long as someone has some cash money to fork over, you can get whatever it is you want done here. “You from Guyana? You want papers? Gimme $3,000.”
Sound familiar? It’s not news to me, it’s not news to you, we’ve heard it all before. We all know it, we all want to say that there’s something wrong with the picture and we all know that the better word for it is simply corruption. And many of us know that we work for essentially nothing because there’s never anything left of the paycheck to save. Those of you who think you’re able to save are maybe in some lucky positions, or just brainwashed, making you think that you can’t move up in financial income. But ever notice how at the end of the month, after rent, electricity, water, groceries and gas that there’s hardly anything left?

Hardly anything left at the end of the month so all you can afford to give your children is 10 guilders to go to town on a Saturday with some peer pressuring type friends. They walk through a street corridor of flashy bling bling on one street and tight sexy clothes on the other street not being able to buy anything so they’re forced to come into small local businesses like the one I work in to steal a pair of shades or a shambala bracelet just to look fresh at Soggy on Friday with a stolen pair of “I-wear-my-sunglasses-at-night” Gaga shades.
Why? Because they don’t get any attention during the day at home or school, so by night they seek it in the best place they can find, at a bar or night club if they can afford it with tons of alcohol to pour down their 15-year old throats or on the block at night, hustling anything from DVDs to stolen iPads so they too can go out and party on Friday night. At this point I honestly think government is doing all this backwards crap on purpose, to keep the population down and dumb so they can use us for their personal advancement. Why vote? What’s the point?

I see we’re on the right track for a progressive, educated, clean, and sustainable country. We’re grooming them well.

Were they briefed on the fact that their job description does not enable them to be dictators or members of an oligarchy? Do any of these politicians know about checks and balances of governing? Checks and balances, according to the Oxford dictionary is defined as “counterbalancing influences by which an organization or system (in this case our government) is regulated, typically those ensuring that political power is not concentrated in the hands of individuals or groups”. We here in Sint Maarten are so concerned with the politics of other countries, especially the mighty, all-hail Obama, that we have failed to recognize that our government should be functioning very similarly and we should be just as involved if not more involved in our own business. Obama can’t do whatever the hell he wants; we’ve seen how certain checks by other parts of government have stopped him from doing certain things as it relates to health care reform.

So, how is it that, according to 29 October 2012 Today Newspaper, that “no one knows who gave the permission” for the filling in of that once beautiful, now unsightly, almost dead and near-full-to-its-brim not-so-Great-anymore Salt Pond that our ancestor’s slaved over and had their hands burning of salt so we can now walk down Front Street and shop at ‘Bool/Klass’ for a new BB? What do you mean you don’t know?! You’re supposed to check and balance each other! All of you want to act like you don’t know but you have to! You do!
And at this point you’re just digging a deeper hole in between all the mounds of sand. You’re brainwashing the little people by making them think that oh, this will benefit all of us, because it’s good for tourism. What good is tourism when we’re just robbing the tourists anyway after they come out of a restaurant at night because there’s nothing else better for desperate people to do. Like I said earlier, I’m not opposed to competitive car racing, but I am opposed to an obvious abuse of power by government and frankly you’re plain out insulting the hundreds or thousands of us who didn’t fall for your bribes at election time, that still bother to give away our hard earned money for hardly any reward, and have come to realize after the fact that you are all full of empty words.

For people who have traveled the world to different conferences and forums and yada yada, given the opportunity to see some of the most progressive and greatest cities on our planet, you sure don’t act like you know what is and what isn’t progressive, what are and aren’t the priorities, and especially how to avoid questions from the general public.
How can you possibly drive down Pondfill road and not see the eye sore that is “Pond Island”, an island totally comprised of toxic trash and not to mention the people, no matter where they may be from, who have reached the bottomless pit that is desperation and live on that dump, scourging for food in the garbage?!
How can you not care? Oh right, because while you can, during your term, you want to scrape the bottom of the pot so intensely so you can pick up food with your nice car and bring it to your nice house and not have to think about when you don’t finish it all, someone on the dump will at least try to finish it for you. So you can just ignore long term initiatives for short term quick money scheme ones instead. How can the elderly only be receiving 400 to 600 guilders per month for their pension? What are they supposed to buy with that, for all of their hard working years, thinking they would be okay for retirement. Shame on you.

Just the other day, the paper said that a survey indicated that the majority of students studying abroad want to come back to live and work and there are hundreds that are here now, like myself and so many of my friends, with degrees that seem to frighten you because maybe you’re intimidated by these qualified individuals with so much newly acquired knowledge which actually allows us to throw a red flag on your foul play!

We’re fed up, we’re frustrated, and we’re tired of the lies and the deceit.

You know what happens when people get tired, frustrated, and annoyed of lies?

The Revolution will not be televised.

Melanie E. Choisy

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