Reader’s opinion (reply): Vision and intelligence

POSTED: 01/17/13 12:05 PM

Thank you, Mr. Maurice Lake.

Let me start by thanking you for responding to my last article, like you I expected a response. In one daily, your article is titled ‘Johnny-come-lately’ in the other daily it is titled ‘Just do your job Mr. Dupersoy. I know that editors sometimes change article headings to make them more interesting so if either one of these are not of your doing, forgive me.

To call me a Johnny-come-lately is even funnier than you found my previous article. I have been a permanent fixture in the media for most of the past 20 years. Unlike you I don’t only write articles when I am out of government or when I am in. My views remain the same and my motivation has always been to educate my people and improve life on St. Maarten. Unlike you that consistently waste your time with articles that are neither here nor there and sound more like the ranting of a madman than someone with your admitted level of education.

For you to tell me, to Just Do your Job Mr. Dupersoy, is somewhat ironic since what I am basically doing is your job. A job that you have held for most of the past 15 years if not more. Had you taken your own advice and did your job, I would not have to be dealing with issues that are more than 15 and sometimes even 30 years old. Is this your way of doing the people’s business or is it only now you realize the errors of your ways. My advice to you is to sit back and see how a government supposed to work for the people. Not one that only talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. You should also inform the people of your functioning on the board of the SER (Socio Economic Council), with your history there you should be the last to tell anyone to ‘Do Your Job’.

By the way, if you know me at all, I don’t have to hide behind any name, I mean what I say and I say what I mean. Ms. Theresa Illis, who happens to be my mom, was very offended that you thought I wrote the article. She wrote it on her own and like she does to mine, I review it for errors before submitting it. Maybe you should let someone with more brains review your articles as well and they might have more content and not just consist of lies, exaggerations and utter nonsense. I expect an apology to my Mom in your (hopefully) reply.

If you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth! I guess that’s what you are trying to accomplish by flat out lying about projects and the vision of Mr. Heyliger. Now I would be the first to admit that not every project that was done by the former Minister was bad, but to give him credit for projects that he had hardly anything to do with is just wrong. The water pumps I can admit that I don’t know the full history, so we let you stick that feather in your cap, however as far as the sewage treatment plant and the garbage gasification these were all envisioned and started by the current Minister Marlin, not Mr. Heyliger.

The sewage treatment was a project that started some 15 years ago, just like so many other projects stuck in the proverbial pipeline. You actually want to take credit for a project that should have taken no more than 2 years to complete but with your advice and the former Minister’s vision, took 15 years instead. The gasification project is another project that was the brainchild of Minister Marlin. You have little honor to even mention this as one of Mr. Heyliger’s ideas. The truth is that some 17 years ago, then Commissioner Marlin initiated talks with a company for such project and this was stopped by the government of which your leader was a member. Please explain to the common man why you advised your leader not to continue with the project and caused the sanitary landfill to grow for another 17 years.

You want to talk about vision and intelligence, your leader wanted to saddle the population of St. Maarten with a 120 Million Dollar waste to energy plant plus spend another 20 Million guilders a year to maintain it. Over the period of 20 years that would have cost the common man a whopping 616 Million guilders. That’s what you call vision? You have the audacity to accuse the Minister’s current cabinet of brain freeze while you stood by and let the Minister almost bankrupt the entire country. By the way, the company Mr. Heyliger was dealing with went bankrupt as well.

On the other hand you have Minister Marlin whose concept will not cost the common man a red cent, but will even save him money. We are presently negotiating with several companies to solve the waste problem on the landfill. So you see the difference between real vision and your confusion? Mr. Heyliger’s vision with your advice would have cost the people of St. Maarten 616 million guilders and Minister Marlin’s vision with my advice saves them money on a monthly basis.

The rest of your article is so misguided and infantile that I do not have to waste my time responding to it piece by piece. You claim you nor Mr. Heyliger do not criticize government. What do you call your slew of articles? What do you consider Mr. Heyliger’s year-end message of doom? The road network was designed many years ago, where is the UP document with your plans. I hope this is not the way you managed to acquire several master degrees by copying other people’s work and claiming it to be your own. It’s a good thing you don’t get into who did or didn’t do projects.  You have a lot of courage to try claiming any of the road projects you mention in your article. I challenge you to show me any document where you and your Minister were even half way through negotiating or finalizing any of those projects. The only thing you can claim is link 9, the Causeway, which was done by the harbor group of companies, and never went to Parliament. So in other words, every man, woman and child whether they use the causeway or not is paying for it which is not the way the tunnel will be financed. You call that legal, man you must be made from elastic to stretch legal concept so far.

In conclusion Mr. Lake, you are correct that this is not about you or me or even about Mr. Heyliger and Minister Marlin, it’s about the people of St. Maarten. Since we agree on that, let’s compare notes. In the 8 months Minister Marlin has been in office, we have assisted with the employment of young men in Sucker Garden, St. Peters and Dutch Quarter, we have signed off long lease land pending for up to 33 years, we have initiated the waste to energy plant, we (not Mr. Heyliger) is finalizing the plans for link 6 and the Weymouth Hill upgrade and much more. These projects are not easy to accomplish seeing the mess you and Mr. Heyliger left them in. I guess it was really in the interest of the common man when you shred all those papers? The false budgets you submitted without mentioning the government’s outstanding debts, that also is really in the interest of the common man. Minister Tuitt has established a payment schedule that will allow small local business people to work for government and not only large contractors like with you and Mr. Heyliger.

Now it’s your turn.

Kendall Dupersoy

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