Reader’s Opinion: Piggy bank

POSTED: 11/29/12 3:10 PM

Please allow me some space in your well-read paper to highlight what I see is the fleecing of our tax payers money. Tempo seems to have big influence on government, and even has certain members of parliament in its pockets, and is using government as a piggy bank.

I was taken a-back to read the headlines ‘Local artistes not happy Tempo wants them to perform for free’ followed by ‘Government to pay local artistes $23,000 for Tempo.’ I mean, what is going on in this country? First of all, why do local artistes have to beg in their own country to start with? We are not a land of beggars.

It’s pathetic when a government calls itself for the people. Tempo received tax payer’s money, over 700,000 guilders. Pay our local artistes what they are worth! How can Tempo, a foreign company determine the worth of the local artistes especially when it is out tax payer’s money that is being used to pay our own people?

On a second note, another 40,000 guilders has been forked out as if Pond Island has a Piggy Bank full of cash for the politicians to do as they please, St. Maarten tax payer’s hard earned money should first and foremost go to help the St. Maarten Medical Center, the mentally ill, our youth, our unemployed and our seniors.

The two ministers behind this fiasco Minister Pantophlet and Minister Tuitt, remember the other 200,000 guilders that the two ministers gave out to another foreign group for a wedding in Low Lands of some famous ball player from Florida back in May. I haven’t forgotten. Add it all up, and we are talking about close to1 million guilders in total in tax payers’ money being fleeced, down the drain. We never heard what ever happened to our 200,000 guilders in May.

The two ministers should reimburse us the tax payers.

John Brooks


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