Reader’s Opinion: National day of hypocrisy

POSTED: 01/16/13 1:04 PM

On Sunday, St Maarteners gathered at Clem Labega Square for an annual day of prayer. A lot of well dressed dignitaries were present: Eugene Holiday, Sarah, members of the council of ministers and also our clergymen.  Theme: “Understanding times, knowing what to do!” I sort of like this theme, so let us have a look at how our politicians understood times and knew what to do. ‘

Claude and Theo understood the times and knew exactly what to do. They realized you cannot have a booming tourist industry with ex-slaves, so they sold the whole island to foreigners.

What did they give to indigenous St Maarteners? 15 casinos, 15 brothels, cheap cigarettes and cheap liquor: gambling addiction, cheap sex, cancer and alcohol addiction.

Sarah praying: I urge anyone to realize how blessed we actually are to be here in St Maarten!

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Still loving this island, in spite of  the fact that politicians are destroying it.

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