Reader’s Opinion: Louie, we want to know too

POSTED: 11/23/12 12:53 PM

Yesterday I read that the “Honorable” Parliamentarian Louie Laveist wants to know “how the people’s money is spent”. He theatrically stood on the Parliament’s expensive Front Street stage and pretended to champion “the people’s business”. What I want to know is: “What happened to the loot the judge convicted the “Honorable” Parliamentarian of collecting from the new government building project? And while we are at it, can he tell us who the recipients were of a reported $15 million for the sale of the land formerly occupied by BBW / EFB next to the Simpson Bay Bridge?
Also, can he confirm or deny that while he was a commissioner he arranged for 30 bus and taxi buy valium phuket licenses to be issued to two transportation companies supposedly set up /directed /owned by him and/or members of his immediate family? And if yes, can he tell us if it is true or not that those companies (and thus he and/or his family) collect 30 X $600 per month equaling to US $18,000 a month from the exploited bus and taxi drivers the licenses are supposedly rented to .
If this is all true, it would explain the beautiful $83,000 White Range Rover SUV the “honorable” parliamentarian now drives. Talk about “the people want to know.”

Michael J. Ferrier

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Reader's Opinion: Louie, we want to know too by

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