Reader’s Opinion: Knee-jerk reaction

POSTED: 04/15/14 1:16 AM

For whatever reason, this pro-immigrant, anti-native St. Martin Dutchman and editor of the Today newspaper, has from day-one always changed the name of any letter to the editor I ever sent to that paper. In addition, this adventurer from Holland, has always given my letters his own prejudicial interpretation, twist and spin – nothing new there – simply to be expected. This time however, I am extremely grateful to this pro-immigrant, anti-native St. Martin Dutch activist, disguised as editor. Reason being that, by his – as to be expected – knee-jerk reaction, he has done exactly what I had hoped for.
He willingly and enthusiastically joined me and many, many more people in making this election exactly what it should be about – a referendum on all aspects of the abnormal level of immigration, which is clearly resulting in a do-or-die situation for native St. Martiners, simply because we are being completely overrun in a process called a silent genocide by substitution.
Obviously, Mr. Haar sees no problem in this –  it appears that he is in complete favor of this atrocity against St. Martiners.
However, it is not so much what Leopold James, or Hilbert Haar think about this major issue – it is about whether or not, the politicians and candidates for the upcoming elections are ready for it.
Whether they like it, or not, that debate is now on.
Forget all the hoopla and rhetoric and let the debate start, on all talk shows, in the streets, on the job sites, in the churches, in all associations, in political debates, take it even to the UN and elsewhere.
So again, Mr. Haar – thanks for showing using your propaganda paper, disguised as newspaper to exhibit your anti-native St. Martin colors and for assisting me and many, many people in forcing every candidate for the upcoming elections to show the public where they stand on this issue.

Please forward to all your contacts.

Leopold James,
President of the St. Martin Grassroots People Movement and proud, native, indigenous St. Martiner with no apologies.


Editor’s note: For a proper review of my opinion on this issue I gladly refer to our Opinion-page of Wednesday, April 8 and to the opinion published under the headline: Let the debate take place.

Hilbert Haar,

Editor-in-Chief @ Today.

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