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POSTED: 01/14/13 1:01 PM

Dear Editor,

I had to laugh when I read the letter to the editor from Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, because I expected such a response from him. At least now, he decided to put his real name, instead of using a bogus name like Ms. Theresa Illis to address me in your newspaper. Everyone knows Mr. Dupersoy likes to hear himself talk without presenting any facts and likes to draw attention to himself and enjoyed this back and forth bickering in the newspapers. I have to disappoint him, because I am not the type to create drama, fiction or noisy bickering or compete with my local people. My motto for this year is for us to take the level of politics and the people interest to a higher level.
I always believe great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. I don’t have the time to discuss people and claims to who did what and who failed to do. This is politics of the past that the National Alliance is famous for when they can’t achieve any results for the people. Mr. Dupersoy should run more than his mouth in government. He should take all of this energy and advise his minister of infrastructure correctly on all the bad decisions and “tunnel vision” ideas and approaches he is making on the current issues that are affecting the local people.
One of the strengths of the UP Leader, Theo Heyliger is that he always surrounded himself with a strong positive team within and outside of his cabinet that can advise him correctly and knows the job to execute his vision for St. Maarten.
Luckily, some of these same external consultants were commissioned by the current minister to complete Theo Heyliger’s projects such as the water pumps, the sewage treatment plant and the entire garbage gasification system. Ask your consultants whose brainchild those projects are and who developed the model before you continue to run your mouth. That is a fact, not fiction.
As a community spirited person and co-founder of the St. Peters Community Council, I am always championing and talking about the people before I started working with government. I have always been a people’s person behind the scene and continued to work and help my people in my district. I am not afraid to present the realistic picture to any government to connect with our people, especially with our senior citizens.
Mr. Dupersoy needs to get away from the old politics of blaming the previous UP government for your (NA) government’s current failures to bring relief to the people. I totally agree with Today’s editor that what matters is where we stand as a country right now and what matters is which decisions this government has in store in the run-up to the next election. He needs to focus on taking our Governor’s nice words New Year’s message and execute a realistic picture with positive results to improve community development.
I am so glad that the average man can see the difference between the different political parties and Theo Heyliger’s vision over the 20 years for St. Maarten. I can proudly say with Theo Heyliger’s vision, St. Maarten has become the leading tourism destination in the Caribbean. We don’t make decisions in the best interest of politics, instead of the best interest of the country. You will never see the UP Leader or myself get into bickering about which government did this or that, because we leave it up to the people to make that final decision at the election polls. The people will decide who they want govern St. Maarten.
I realized Mr. Dupersoy likes to talk a lot without doing his homework. I want to inform him that he has to get his facts straight and do his homework before he debates the issues with me. He forgets that it was the UP Leader who negotiated the 100 percent shares of Gebe to St. Maarten with the good working relationship of Saba and St. Eustatius governments to bring relief to the people. The board of Gebe was already instructed to reduce the Gebe prices based on a thorough study that was done and the price ordinance when government fell. This was never followed up on by the current government and the excessive pricing as proposed by Gebe remained even after it was determined by the UP government that it was faulty and people could get relief if adjusted. I realize when the National Alliance can’t achieve desirable results to reduce Gebe prices and fix the streetlights as they promised to the people, they resort lying and the blaming game against the UP government. They place blame, because they can’t balance the 2013 budget.
The people are fed up with this type of approach of governing the country and want to see new improvements and leadership. I will leave it up to the people to decide which government is the best option for the future development of St. Maarten.
If the average man can see the vision and all the ongoing projects of the previous UP government, except Mr. Dupersoy, then there is definite a “brain freeze” within the Minister of Infrastructure Cabinet. I advise Mr. Dupersoy for us to sit down and let me teach him as a “Johnny Come Lately” Policy Advisor to the current Minister of Infrastructure, how the Simpson Bay causeway went through the right legal process and followed the right procedures within government. You also should take some time and read the legal process of the causeway at the DIV Department. Why do you think your same Minister of Infrastructure who opposed the project only because he can’t bear to see another successful mega project, couldn’t stop the causeway.
What’s next? I advise Mr. Dupersoy to take all of his positive energy with some political maturity and advise his Minister of Infrastructure to finish the already approved road network master plan of the UP government for the improvement and upgrading of the entire Union Road, Almond Grove Road and Link 4 (the Cake House road to make it a two-way with safety railings) to help the traffic to flow even better from the causeway. We should focus this year on working on resurfacing Betty Estate’s main road, Ebenezer Estate main road and Link 6 (Weymouth Hill to Dutch Quarter) to ease the school traffic flow from St. Peters.
I want to let Mr. Dupersoy know that he should focus and take the rest of his positive energy to advise his Minister so that they can use their creative tunnel vision ideas to propose new projects in the new governing program. We need to come with realistic ideas to make that connection with our people and community councils for us to talk anything about community development.

Maurice Lake

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