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POSTED: 03/28/14 10:45 AM

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the situation that is taking place between our government officials on the islands. First of all, I Roy Quinton Marlin, born on September 17, 1987, is having difficulty understanding the political jabs that are taking place between members of parliament. I hope by writing this article I can enlighten the people of St.Maarten on the foolish and petty situations pertaining to the date of election.

With all due respect, the Prime Minister, Sarah Wescot, has selected a date for the upcoming elections, On September 5th. Members of Parliament, William Marlin and Theo Heyliger, are trying to manipulate the people of St. Maarten by making them believe that the election day is too much into the hurricane season, or election day should be set by now because some people might need to plan their vacation. According to my knowledge, and something I would never forget, election for 10/10/10 was on my birthday, September 17th, 2010.

For many years St. Maarten has held their election during the month of September, when the Federal Government fell because of this or that. So for Members of Parliament to argue and come out in the papers to try to fool the people to make it seem as if the Prime Minster is doing what she wants and threatening to pull their support from the current government is utter nonsense. By doing this they are trying to mislead the people of St. Maarten into believing that our beloved Prime Minister is not following the proper procedures for setting an election date.

The Prime Minister clearly stated her reasons for setting the election date on September 5 which is the minimum time that elections should be held before the constitutionally due date. By the Prime Minister carrying out the motion as adapted by Parliament calling for free and fair elections, we St. Maarteners residing in the Netherlands don’t have to sit in the Netherlands 5 or 6 hours in advance depending on the time difference to listen to Members of Parliament sit and argue about who buy votes and who didn’t and what wasn’t allowed during election day but still took place.

So with this article I hope the people are aware and don’t even try to understand their misleading articles that they are trying to portray and think that our people was born yesterday. This election should be about social issues affecting the young people and the elderly. This election should be about crime and the senseless murders that are taking place on St. Maarten. This election should be about a youth detention center to re-socialize young persons who get involved on the wrong side of the law. This election should be about better living conditions for our elderly. This election should be about social homes. This election should be about meaningful job opportunity for our young people.  This election should be about addressing issues such as teenage pregnancy. Teaching young women that it’s not cool to be pregnant at the age of 14, 15 or 16 years old.

If we expect high winds on the day of election then you cut the big billboards out and campaign like normal like the days when Claude Wathey and Vance James were around and try to convince the people to vote for you on how you will address the issues that I mentioned and not voting for who got the biggest billboards (by the way it went from billboards to containers) soon it might be on cruise ships in Great Bay saying vote UP, DP, NA, OSPP, or US.

So to my dear beloved voters before you read those kind of foolish articles please have an open mind and when you are approached by persons asking for your vote let them present a party program with realistic achievements and projections. Then and only then can you really judge who ever you voted for come next election. To the media political parties should present their programs long before the election date and let their candidates debate these on the feasibility of what they present.

Roy Quinton Marlin


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