Reader’s Opinion: Double trouble

POSTED: 10/24/12 5:55 PM

Dear Editor,

This morning around 11.30 I turned on the radio and heard MP Lloyd Richardson speaking.
He said that there are many children in Sint Maarten with mental health problems, such as behavior problems, autism, etc. However, Mr. Richardson said that there are not enough of these children on the island to warrant us bringing in professionals to take care of them (psychiatrists, psychologists, social psychiatric nurses, social workers etc). Richardson suggested that these children should be shipped out to other countries where they could receive proper care.
There parents could even go to Holland with them if they are all Dutch, and the Dutch welfare system could take care of them. I have never been so shocked in my life. I could not believe that I heard him right, but I did.
Now I understand certain things concerning that gentleman that I had heard of before, but had given him the benefit of the doubt. The mental health foundation has proposed to do a study among the schoolchildren of Sint Maarten to assess the size of the problem. The minister of health has not given the red light up to now, although the survey will cost the government nothing! Professionals of the Mental Health Foundation and other volunteers will do the survey. What is Cornelius de Weever waiting on; is he arranging tickets with KLM and Air France to fly out our children and their families? Lloyd Richardson should be more than ashamed of himself and as far as I am concerned the same goes for Cornelius de Weever. Come on Minister de Weever, you still have the opportunity to set things right. And by the way, none of us will be going to Turning Point, not even our Double Trouble clients! (Patients who have a psychiatric problem and an addiction problem, therefore patients with a double diagnosis).
Neville de Weever

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