Reader’s Opinion: Donkey business

POSTED: 02/15/13 1:46 PM

I understand that the Statia Agriculture/LVV Department is/was responsible for the capture and penning of the donkeys that previously roamed free on the island. However, there has been almost no care for or management of the captured donkeys and the recommendations of a visiting veterinary group made a year ago, that the animals were in urgent need of shelter, water and food, appear to have been ignored. As a result some of the donkeys have starved to death, their emaciated bodies left to rot where they lay.

All is not lost. The Greenfound Foundation wishes to take over the care of the animals and return them to health. They have asked the government for a 6 month moratorium to give them a chance to bring the 60 surviving donkeys back from starvation. The foundation has some resources, including offers of private land to pasture the donkeys. The LVV plans to shoot some of these poor animals tomorrow. This must not happen.

Please help us to appeal to the Statia Government to provide The Greenfound Foundation the time and resources they’ve requested and to abandon the plan to shoot some of the animals. Help us to save these donkeys.

If, as Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”, it would seem that Statia has a long way to go.

With love and hope,

Elaine Christopher

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