Reader’s Opinion: Dereliction of duty

POSTED: 01/21/13 1:06 PM

On Wednesday January 16, some 6 months after the infamous Carnival-coup the NA/DP/I3 – Government coalition program was presented to the public. Interestingly, or perhaps cynically, this long-awaited document carried the name Working for the People-program. A marvelously, politically correct and therefore deliberately confusing – if not out-right deceiving title.
After all, the political leaders of this island, with its over 100 odd different nationalities, never ventured to define who their people are.
Who does not recall William Marlin’s promise a few years ago, that the first order of the day for him would be to have the St. Maartener defined ?
Meanwhile, all the people, represented by their own national- and cultural backgrounds on our island, know exactly who they mean when they say our people.
Nevertheless, in perusing this visionary document, we will for now focus on our own Minister of Justice Roland Duncan. This good gentleman was never elected (no wonder) and still seems to be completely untouchable by this government.
Wonder if that has to do with him having been anointed by the two so called independent’ MP’s Frans Richardson and Patrick Illidge – for their own agendas?
For the record, as Minister of Justice, Mr. Duncan has broken many traditional records held by such political offices. In fact, it seems that this character has completely transformed the image/office of the Minister of Justice of any self-respecting country. Just to name a few.
For one, traditionally, in any country in the world, illegal and lawless people have deep respect, if not fear for these justice officials, whom many would see as top, hardcore interpreters and executioners of the very letter of the law. Not on the Friendly-Island – not anymore.
Presently all illegal immigrants including the so-called ghetto-rats, are having a field day; they boldly and proudly stop hiding, because this minister has become their friend, their protégé and political champion.
At the same time, it is now the St. Maarteners and law-abiding residents, who have all rights to fear him, because being law-abiding now seems to be some kind of a crime in this gentleman’s books. He has the gall to tell the people, that he actually will not do his job, that is to fight illegal immigration and prevent the very impression of being involved in prostitution as minister.
Talk about a public dereliction of duty.
Meanwhile, this run-away train refuses to compensate the St. Maarten people with special benefits in order to restore socioeconomic balance by offsetting the incredibly unfair advantages given to all illegal immigrants – including eventual amnesty and naturalization. All of this leads to genocide by substitution of the St. Maarten people and is a perfect recipe for social upheaval and violence.
In ending, since no political party is standing up against this very dangerous and one-sided preferential treatment favoring illegal immigrants, we hold all of them and their leaders, William Marlin, Sarah Wescot-Williams and Theo Heyliger also responsible for this injustice towards the native, indigenous St. Maarten people and those people of added value who legally came through the system.

Leopold James,
President of the St. Martin grassroots people movement.

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