Reader’s Opinion: Comforting

POSTED: 12/30/13 12:47 AM

It is comforting to learn that although MP Romain Laville recently announce that he was giving up politics, he still has the tenacity to champion the sister city agreement with New Jersey, He could have said, Hey I will not be around next, so let me enjoy myself and salary as is the norm with most of our parliamentarians.

He continued working on a project he started some years ago and saw it to fruition, today it is ready to be signed sealed and delivered for the people of St Maarten, it shows you the measure of the man. The determination of this young man to get things done in spite of the odds, to work for something tangible for our kids, our workers our tourism and our economy.

I understand that he recently indicated his intent to return to the political arena for the upcoming elections. My  advice to you  young man is to jump in, jump in ,jump in.

We need you, St Maarten needs more politicians like you who won’t stand for the utter nonsense so prevalent amongst the older do nothing politicians, just look at the records of most of them, some in office for ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years and cannot show the people what it is they have done for them. Stay the course young man, there is support out there for you in spite of all the challenges you have encountered. We do recognize that in you we have an incredibly strong, determined and gutsy individual, an acumen severely lacking in most our politicians. In your short political career, you have shown that you are true to your beliefs and not deterred by the popular norms, you want change so our country can move forward.

This laissez-faire attitude must stop, if it means bringing in younger, more aggressive and determined politicians. Let’s do so. MP Laville, let’s run, let’s run. Let’s run.

Clayton Felix

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