Reader’s Opinion: Black history, White business

POSTED: 02/15/13 1:47 PM

Last week there was some symposium about race, slavery, archeology etc. etc. I do not go to symposiums, for two reasons. 1 I know already what they are going to say and 2 they speak very long sentences with foreign words in order to prove that they deserved their scholarship. Let me just give one example: “Modern public archeology rejects the notion of imminent authenticity and instead suggests that an object’s historical aura is created anew each generation, giving respect to local perspectives and recognizing a variety of traditional claims to the past.”

The main conclusion of the speaker was that white won and that black St Maarteners became the guests in their own country. I have written about this theme for 20 years in simple articles. In a nutshell: Claude and Theo won because they were rich. Jose Lake Sr. lost because he had no money. He only had beautiful ideas about black pride and that black people should be in charge on their island.  The point is that poor ex slaves were understandably more interested in the presents from Claude, than in the ideas of Lake. Butchers, bakers and traffic controllers have statues on roundabouts. Why does not Jose Lake Sr. have one? Even when Claude or Theo are for a while not in government, Lake does not get a statue. Is William also white?

In closing a hilarious detail: on the front page of “Today” we saw a photograph on which we see Dormoy opening the symposium about race. I see some 50 persons in the audience. Only one of them is black: Eugene Holiday.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

walking my dogs on Simpson Bay Beach (my “leash-land”)

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