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POSTED: 01/9/13 11:30 PM

In my weekly cartoon in the “Weekender” I show Leopold James and Miguel Arrindell as my men of the year 2012. Let me explain why. Although I do not always agree with their ideas, I admire their idealism and their never ending fight to realize their dream. In 30 years hundreds of articles in papers and they still keep going, in spite of the fact that they have literally achieved nothing.

If a monkey tries ten times to reach a banana with a stick and realizes the stick is too short, he stops trying. He is not dumb. But Leopold and Miguel keep trying to reach that “banana”, called “St Maarten for St Maarteners”. Nowadays they are trying to reach that “banana” with jollifications. In a way it is hilarious, but I cannot help admiring Don Quichotes. I admire them more than Eugene Holiday who looks like a well dressed balloon filled with beautiful words and promises.

O.K., in the past I have been ridiculing Leopold once in a while and I want to make up for that. Leopold once gave me his St. Maarten ID card because he thought that as a foreigner I had an added value for St. Maarten. A while ago I made a Dutch ID card for indigenous St. Maarteners with an added value. I think that Leopold deserves that card. His added value for Holland?

1. He was educated in Aruba schools by many Dutch teachers. 2. He achieved a Dutch doctorandus degree. 3. He taught Dutch students in secondary school. 4 He taught Dutch children in MPC for a few years and for many years he was the successful director of the technical school “Polytech. 5. Last but not least he honored Holland by choosing a Dutch woman as his wife. (from the same village by the way, in which I was born: Pijnacker).

Sometimes I think that Leopold is more of a Dutchman than me after my 33 years on St. Maarten. Anyway, some day I will officially present my Dutch ID card for St Maarteners with an added value to Leopold. Eugene Holiday has agreed to make a speech at the ceremony.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid advisor with an added value to the world.

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